One of the most transformed areas in Denver!

Denver’s Highlands neighborhood offers a little bit of something for everyone. From gorgeous Victorian mansions to craftsman bungalows, there’s a place you can call home in this gorgeous neighborhood. Not only are the homes amazing, this diverse area offers plenty of opportunities for shopping, eating, and more. If you’re looking for a cultural experience that will allow you to expand your horizons in your own back yard, this neighborhood is ideal for your needs.

Where is Highlands?

The Highlands neighborhood includes the zip codes 80211 and 80212. Included in this neighborhood are:

  • Highlands
  • LoHi
  • Berkeley
  • Jefferson Park
  • Regis

The Architecture

As you drive or walk through Denver’s Highlands, you’ll discover some diverse, beautiful architecture. There are several high-end townhouses with gorgeous exteriors and even more incredible interiors, impressive Victorian mansions, and craftsman bungalows ideal for the edgy urban dweller looking for a peaceful neighborhood and an easy commute into the city. This high-end neighborhood offers samples of incredibly artistic architecture that is sure to appeal to the eye and allow any resident to create the home of their dreams.

The Culture

Highlands culture is based around urban living. Close to downtown, this neighborhood offers a sampling of everything you could ask for. Wander the streets and find small boutiques, wine stores, and a variety of bookstores where you can browse to your heart’s content. Alongside those savvy shopping areas, however, you’ll find amazing cultural connections at the Tennyson Cultural District, where artists gather in increasing numbers. It’s an excellent way to get lost for an afternoon or evening as you wander through, looking at photographs, paintings, and other incredible examples of artistic expression. On the first Friday of each month, artists in the Tennyson Cultural District have set up a gallery-hopping extravaganza that encourages residents and visitors to check out everything they have to offer.

This walkable neighborhood has a little bit of something for everyone–and all within walking distance, so you don’t have to worry about dragging your car out of the driveway or finding a place to park! It’s an amazing place to live whether you’re looking for the urban vibe or excited about the opportunity to explore all the amazing cultural opportunities that the area has to offer.

Common Landmarks

Highlands includes a number of familiar landmarks that will be sure to catch the eye and make you proud to live in this classic neighborhood. As a resident, you’ll be able to visit them on a regular basis, enjoying everything this stunning area has to offer.

32nd Street Shopping Strip/Highlands Square: Along 32nd Street, you’ll find a wide range of shopping opportunities. Highlands Square boasts salons, coffee shops, and a little bit of shopping for everyone. Whether you’re looking for a rare bookstore or a trendy boutique, there’s sure to be a shop that will catch your attention. The West 32nd and Zuni Street corner offers one of the hottest corners in the Denver area–a place you’ll be sure to visit again and again.

Tennyson Street: The Tennyson Street area offers a wide range of cultural opportunities, including plenty of artwork that you’ll enjoy exploring. The gorgeous photography and paintings will be sure to catch your eye and delight!

The Pedestrian Bridge Into Downtown: This historic bridge makes it easy to make the trip into downtown–and all without having to worry about climbing into your car!

Broncos Stadium: No sports fan could fail to take note of Broncos Stadium, home of the Denver Broncos! Whether you’re ready to enjoy a game or simply take part in many of the fantastic events held there throughout the year, the convenience of its location will be sure to impress.

Little Man Ice Cream: There’s no ice cream shop quite like Little Man’s Ice Cream–and many Denver residents mark it as a must-visit location. Since opening in 2008, Little Man’s Ice Cream has been delivering fresh, tasty ice cream to the Denver area.

If you’re contemplating moving within the Denver area, Highlands neighborhood is a stunning place to make your home. This charming neighborhood will draw you in with its shopping and class but hold you with its beauty and charm. What do you love most about this gorgeous neighborhood?

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