With more and more people moving into the Mile-High City, and an extreme shortage of available homes for sale, 2018 is a great year to sell a home in Denver. If you’ve been looking into the Denver Real Estate Market, you may have heard the rumor, “Competition is so fierce in Denver, my house will sell regardless of what it looks like!” While a lot of hideous properties are selling because of the limited inventory in Denver – preparing your home to be “show-ready” can elevate you from simply “selling” your home to truly hitting it out of the park. This can be the difference between netting $100K in proceeds, to $140K+ in proceeds! Whether you’re a first-time home seller looking for advice, or an experienced real estate mogul, we have drafted a 9 Maintenance Items To-Do Before Selling Your Home.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 1: Finish any loose-ended projects

Still working through a “honey-do” list or home improvement projects? Motivate yourself to finish up any ongoing projects now, so the house’s next residents feel like they’re moving into home that is truly ready for them. The finished project might just add the extra “wow” factor buyers need to fall in love with your home. Plus, you’ll get a boost from the wonderful sense of accomplishment that comes with checking a project off of your to-do list.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home: Touch-up paint

First impressions matter! A nice, clean-looking paint job will make your house look like new, and shows your home has been taken care of well — enticing more people to consider looking at your home, and making potential buyers feel more comfortable with their decision.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 3: Fix any leaking faucets

If you have a leaky faucet in the kitchen or bathroom, make sure to get it fixed before listing your home. A constant “drip-drip-drip” doesn’t make a great first impression, and it isn’t fun for you to listen to, either. It’s always a good idea to hire a professional, but fixing a leaky faucet yourself is also a pretty simple DIY project.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 4: Replace any non-working appliances or electronics

Is your refrigerator running? If so, you’d better go catch it! If not, you will probably want to find someone who can get it running again, or replace it entirely. This goes for all of the appliances and electronics in your house — not just the refrigerator. You might want to pay special attention to any lights in your home, as good lighting can make all the difference in listing photos and how buyers perceive the house.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 5: Make sure windows and doors are sealed

When windows and doors are sealed, you can highlight how efficient your home will be at staying the perfect temperature for its next residents, without costing them an arm and a leg for to keep it heated or air conditioned, depending on the season. Plus, it’s one of those details that shows that your house has been well-taken care of and is ready for a new resident to call home.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 6: Clean your gutters

Before listing your home, make sure to have someone clean any debris out of your roof and gutters. While you’re at it, check to make sure that all of the downspouts are draining away from the house effectively.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 7: Clear out excess clutter 

If you have any extra clutter lying around, now is the time to find a new place for it — whether that’s the trash can, a donation bin, or a storage unit. If you’re on a tight budget, many storage facilities offer 1-month free, or some type of promotional deal for new clients. I’ve had some Sellers rent a storage unit, and pay little to nothing because their home sold before the end of their first month! You’ll make your home look more attractive, and you will have less stuff to pack when you move out.

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 8: Dust and vacuum

 Once you’ve cleared out any clutter, put the finishing touches on the inside of your home by dusting and vacuuming the whole house. A little dusting can go a surprisingly long way. Your home will look far more welcoming to potential buyers, it will most likely smell fresher, and you’ll feel better, too!

Maintenance Item To-Do Before Selling Your Home 9: Tidy up the yard

Curb Appeal is the first thing a potential buyer will notice about your home. This is your first opportunity to help them, fall in love with the property! You do not have to invest in an entire landscaping initiative. Just make sure that your yard looks neat — set aside some time to rake up any leaves, pick up sticks, and pull any weeds. If all else fails, ask your listing agent if their photographer can take listing photos on a snow day.

There you have it! The nine things you need to do before listing your home. These are all ways to make a great first impression on potential buyers, but there is always more you can do! What else do you consider a “must-do” with home maintenance before listing?