Which Updates Will Increase Your Home’s Value?

Jacquelyn Mabry, Realtor
Jacquelyn Mabry, Realtor
Published on March 8, 2018

If you’re considering selling your home, deciding which updates are worth the best investment isn’t an easy decision. While kitchen and bathroom remodels are often safe bets, there are smaller upgrades that have a big impact. With a little research and careful planning, you will be able to save money and attract buyers at the same time. 

 Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 1: Appliances

Updating appliances is one way to improve your kitchen without doing a full-scale remodel. Stainless steel has staying power as a popular choice for appliances, however, don’t rule out basic white. Shy away from colored appliances and keep your kitchen true to the overall design of your home. For example, a Victorian style home with a large, commercial stove may have prospective home buyers scratching their heads once inside. 

Consider going green with energy efficient appliances. Homes upgraded with energy efficiency in Los Angeles County saw a 6% increase in value. Appliances account for 15% of a home’s energy consumption. A good way to start is to compare kilowatt-hour usage of a new appliance and compare it to your current appliance. Be alert that a good Energy Star rating doesn’t necessarily mean the appliance will be more efficient than your current appliance. 

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 2: Paint

Interior paint can increase your home’s resale value when it’s done neatly and with the right colors. Instead of playing it safe by going with all white in every room, try muted, soft colors like mint green or warm beige with white trim. Stay away from loud, bright colors that take away attention from a room’s key features.

Yellow is a popular exterior color for it’s projection of happiness and cheer. With potential home buyers being first attracted to the exterior of a home, updating siding, window trim, or even the front door with a splash of color is a great investment.

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 3: Flooring

Hard flooring such as wood and stone are popular for their look and durability. Laminate flooring is a more affordable choice that provides for easy maintenance while still offering a great look. Stay away from carpet due to it being prone to wear and tear. Vinyl is another unpopular choice due to the stigma associated with it. Vinyl is advancing in quality but until the stigma of it as a lower-grade material fades away, it’s best to use laminate. 

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 4: Countertops

Granite countertops remain a top preference among home buyers. This doesn’t mean you have to purchase a top-tier and expensive type of granite. Shop around for deals on first tier granite. Chances are high that most perspective home buyers won’t care about the tier of granite; they just want granite countertops. 

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 5: Light Fixtures/Hardware

 Replacing light fixtures and hardware is an inexpensive way to make small upgrades that have a big impact. Hardware ranges from hinges and door pulls to the toilet paper holder. Dull brass replaced with a oil-rubbed bronze finish is a small change that instantly improves the look of cabinets in small rooms. 

 Replacing light fixtures is another change that while cosmetic, still results in an upgraded look. Changing a light shade is one project: changes to wiring is something that requires a professional. 

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 6: Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets dominate many kitchens with their color, quality, symmetry, and layout. Focus on quality over quantity. Homebuyers are attracted to bright, open kitchens, something to keep in mind during  kitchen remodel. Colors make a huge impact in kitchen cabinets when it comes to the size of the kitchen. Dark cabinets make a small kitchen appear even smaller. Keep cabinets similar in size and if appropriate, add glass doors to showcase special dishes. 

Updates to Increase Your Home’s Value 7: Think Outside the Box

Preparing your home for sale is often a stressful time as you balance work and family commitments, all while cleaning and updating your home. Take small steps by focusing on one room at a time. Decide upon a budget and stick to it. Your home probably doesn’t need a full makeover. With a little sprucing up of key factors such as those outlined above, you’ll attract the right buyer. 


Which Updates Will Increase Your Home’s Value?
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