Uptown Denver

A social lifestyle experience.

Following an impressive makeover, Uptown’s eclectic collection of restaurants, hip meet-up spaces and living possibilities have turned the area into one of the go-to regions of Denver. Close to all of Denver’s main attractions but unique in its own right, Uptown is now one of the best places in the city to work, live or play. As one of the most sought-after housing hot spots for all different age groups and demographics, there are many  top reasons to consider making Denver’s Uptown area your next home.

Great for night life or day life:

Uptown has long been a central hub of Denver. In the recent years of development, Uptown Denver has emerged as a trend-setter in a city that continues to reimagine itself. At the heart of the area, Restaurant Row along 17th Avenue has become one of the main draws in the entire city thanks to a wide range of different pubs, cafes and eateries. Tilted towards the millennial crowd, Restaurant Row has become a symbol of the city’s diversity and is great for both locals and visitors, drawing in patrons to test their pallets all the way from Broadway to City Park.

Uptown is more than popular bars and restaurants. Young professionals are pouring into the area for proximity to some of Denver’s most prominent landmarks. City Park offers a stunning green oasis in the heart of the city that is regularly one of the top gathering spots in Denver, providing the perfect escape from Denver’s busiest areas. City Park also contains both the Denver Zoo and the Denver Museum of History and Science, making it a great destination for all different ages and interests.

It’s all about the location:

One of Uptown’s best features is the ease of access to everywhere else in Denver you might want to go. Trendy hangout hot spots in Lower Downtown, Capitol Hill and Five Points are either walkable or a very short drive away, offering unparalleled access to the most popular places in the city. The Pepsi Center and Coors Field are also right down the street while the Denver Broncos’ home, Sports Authority Field, is just across I-25, making it a tremendous way to get right into the heart of Denver’s thriving pro sports scene. Uptown provides tremendous access to Denver’s vibrant arts and entertainment community too, with Ogden Theatre, Fillmore Auditorium and the Denver Art Museum all close nearby.

Eclectic architecture:

Similar to much of the city, Victorian era architecture is prevalent throughout the Uptown area and give a glimpse into the earliest days of Denver when Italianate constructions were a staple. The diversity of design along the streets of Uptown strike a chord similar to the eclectic group of restaurants on 17th Avenue, as contemporary townhouses, lofts and condo units blend together nicely with the older styles of homes. Whether you’re looking for a vintage slice of Victorian architecture or a renovated masterpiece with a modern twist, the Uptown area’s impressive range of housing options makes it one of the most unique parts of the city. A nice collaboration between Denver’s oldest architectural roots and modern city life, Uptown is a neighborhood where the perfect house for you may just be right around the corner.

Get the most out of Denver:

Denver is widely known for being a hub for young professionals as a whole. An essential reason for the trend is the opportunity prevalent throughout the Uptown area. The Uptown area symbolizes the best of what Denver has to offer, helping you make the most out of a classic American city.

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